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  • Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

    Annie becomes a one-man band to introduce the Funsters to the world of hearing and demonstrates in her own whimsical style how our ears provide enjoyment, help us learn and communicate, and alert us to events and hazards throughout the day.

    Annie explains some common ear problems, including blockage, infection, and hearing impairment. She helps kids recognize symptoms of these conditions and, with the help of the Funsters, demonstrates what to expect on a visit to the doctor’s office.

    Annie stresses the first principle of ear safety: Don’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow! She also warns against too much loud noise or music, blowing in someone’s ear, or rough play that might damage ears. 

    Annie also talks to Funsters about how children with serious hearing impairment communicate, learn and play.

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  • Emily Breaks Free

    Set along Boston's historic Freedom Trail, this is a story of a dog named Emily who learns techniques on how to respond to a bully

    Follow Boston's Freedom trail and witness a small revolution against a big bully. Emily is a nice, playful little dog. So why would she join forces with a big bully like Spike? Even Emily can't answer that question. It`s true that Spike makes Emily laugh, in spite of herself, and he is fun — in a way. Emily feels flattered that Spike asks her to tag along with him. But when Spike begins to tease a fluffy outsider named Cotton, Emily's feelings become confused. Just when Emily is wondering how to make things right, a bewhiskered terrier named Emerson saunters onto the scene and shows Emily how to break free of Spike. This compelling story unfolds along the Freedom Trail™, Boston's famous walking tour of historic sites from the Revolutionary era. These scenes of the colonists' struggle for independence from Britain are a perfect backdrop for Emily's struggle to free herself from Spike's tyrannical ways! 

    Emily Breaks Free will help you:

    • Address problems of bullying
    • Suggest techniques for responding to a bully
    • Explore the sights of historic Boston, Massachusetts
    • Introduce information about our canine friends

    "Emily Breaks Free is unique because it is the only book I found for children while researching children's literature for our professional book that provides a glimpse into all four roles of a bullying situation."- Reba Wadsworth, Author, Bullying HURTS: Teaching Kindness Through Read Alouds and Guided Conversations.

     Author: Linda Talley

    Illustrator Andra Chase

    Key Concept: Learning to address the problem of bullying in a non-threatening context.

    Age Group: Grades K-4

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    Stream up to 1080p from this website. Rentals start on first play and end after 24 hours.