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  • Safety: Out of the Danger Zone

    Safety - Awareness and Response. Grades 4-6

    By stressing a single appropriate response to danger, this video helps prepare boys and girls to respond promptly and predictably to safeguard themselves and others. When they discover an old mystery game in Grandpa's closet, three youngsters also discover valuable personal safety advice. The "Out of the Danger Zone" game presents the players with a series of scenarios that tests their ability to handle dangerous situations. These scenarios deal with gun safety, physical safety, internet safety, and drug safety. As each situation unfolds, players are reminded to be aware of their environment at all times, to recognize the danger of certain types of situations, and to respond quickly in two simple steps:

    • Get away from the danger.
    • Tell an adult.

    This sound advice will help intermediate students respond confidently when their personal safety is at risk.

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