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Straight Talk About Puberty For Girls

Puberty education for girls. Grades 5-8

Girls have questions about their growing bodies during puberty. Straight Talk About Puberty- For Girls provides the answers with this fresh, modern take on the subject. Filmed with new 3D rendered anatomy illustrations, this program is perfect for your older students who are ready to learn more about puberty.Girls in this grade range will learn about:

-The female reproductive system

-Hygiene and good grooming

-The dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs to growing bodies

Emotional and physical changes of puberty

-Importance of exercise and good nutrition

-Body Image

For a fresh modern take on this topic, with exciting new graphics and music by Rainmaker Bob Walkenhorst, you will find STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT PUBERTY very useful for class discussion.

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SexNo sexual references
LanguageNo bad language
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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