Beas Own Good

Set in the beautiful Loire Valley of France, a honeybee named Beatrice learns that rules are made for her own good.

Make a beeline for the French countryside to learn how boundaries benefit everyone.

To keep the honeycomb strong, to make the very best honey, and to keep all the little honeybees safe and sound, bees must do things just so — according to honeybee rules.

One early spring day, an inexperienced honeybee named Beatrice hears about the most beautiful garden in the world, and she decides to go on an expedition, even if it means breaking a rule or two. When a change in the weather turns her outing into a near-disaster, Bea realizes that rules are for her own good.

Bea's story takes students to the Loire Valley of France where they will visit a beehive, a country market, and the famous Chateau of Villandry. Illustrator Andra Chase has created delicately beautiful scenes of Bea’s world inside and outside her hive. 

This DVD is a word for word match of the storybook and will help you:

 Investigate the function of rules at home and at school
 Promote responsibility and self-control
 Explore the lives of bees and other insects
 Present information about the culture and geography of France

[an] excellent, well-rounded production...”
School Library Journal

Age Group: Grades K-4

rules, French countryside, Beas's Own Good, honeybees, Chateau of Villandry, Loire Valley, France, responsibility, self-control

SexNo sexual references
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