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  • You're Not a Little Kid Anymore!

    Personal hygiene. Grades 3-5

    The clean routine! "I take a bath or shower every single day. Oil, sweat, dead skin, WASH IT AWAY! You're not a little kid anymore!" Your students will love this musical message about personal hygiene! Topic explored include bathing, hand washing, care of teeth, hair and nails and the importance of clothes that are clean and neat.

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  • Whatsa Hygiene?

    Cleanliness is essential to good health. Grades 4-6

    Cleanliness is esssential to good health.

    When members of the band are confronted with a health assignment, they don't know where to begin. "Whatsa hygiene?" asks puzzled Milt, bass guitarist for the group. The band members decide to answer this question with a song, and in the course of this entertaining video they compose words and music that will inspire young viewers to stay clean and healthy.

    Topics explored include bathing, handwashing, care of teeth, hair, and nails, the importance of clean, neat clothing, and the need for young people to begin taking personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.

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