Puberty: A Boys Journey Grades 4-6

Physical and emotional changes during puberty. Grades 4-6

This new program includes two parts (Part 1-Physical Changes/Part 2-Emotional and Social Changes.)  It's like getting two programs on one DVD!

Part 1:

Matthew s fun is over shadowed by a permission slip from school.  Big brother Adrew helps ease the fear of having "the puberty talk" by providing reassuring information on the physical changes of puberty.  Topics include:

-When to expect the onset of puberty

-The male reproductive system


-Common experiences of puberty, including voice changes, feelings of physical awkwardness, and nocturnal emissions

-The importance of good hygiene and healthy habits

Part 2:

Andrew and Emily discuss the emotional and social changes boys and girls experience during puberty.  Topics include:

-Body image

-Self Esteem

-Peer Pressure


-Social Awkwardness


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