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  • Wash Those Hands

    Hand washing is essential to good health. Grades K-5

    Wash those hands and wash away germs that can cause colds, flu, stomach upsets, and a host of more serious infections. You loved the classic version of WASH THOSE HANDS! so in response, we offer this new updated version which contains the latest information, and compelling reasons to keep on washing those hands! This fresh new DVD, with new photographs, narration and music, may be used effectively with younger students as the prelude to KEEP IT CLEAN! for older students. Students will learn about:

    -The benefits of hand washing for everyone

    -All about germs - What are they? Where are they? How do they make people sick?

    -Getting rid of germs. When is hand washing most important?

    -What is the best way to wash your hands?

    -What to use when soap and water is not available?

    As an introduction to basic personal hygiene, this video is also a useful component of an elementary AIDS education curriculum and a variety of special education programs.

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