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  • A dramatically different approach to puberty education. Please note that the working title for this video was Straight Talk about Mental Health. In this second Straight Talk program, hosts Lisa and Jason tackle issues that affect the mental well-being of young people:

    • More about hormones and emotions
    • Interacting responsibly with others
    • Developing a healthy body image
    • Making decisions based on facts
    • Recognizing and resisting commercial pressures • Identifying, understanding, and expressing emotions
    • Constructing a strong personal identity The question and answer format will help students sort out their conflicting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and come to terms with themselves and their bodies. Straight Talk About Self-Image and Identity will help boys and girls approach maturity with grace and confidence.
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  • Straight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media

    Interpreting media messages. Grades 6-8

    Learn to interpret media messages.

    In the tradition of the Straight Talk series, practical ways for students to gain media literacy are outlined in this timely new video. Analyzing the purposes of media messages and interpreting hidden agendas is a vital skill for young teens under barrage from high-pressure marketing. FromStraight Talk About Sex, Gender, and Media, students will begin to develop a healthy critical approach to the many different forms the media takes, and to make more informed decisions regarding their own choices with regard to sexuality. This video raises the awareness of young people and promotes abstinence from risky behavior.

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  • Straight Talk About Sexual Choices and Consequences

    A practical approach to healthy relationships

    Straight Talk presents a dramatically different approach to puberty education. Please note that the working title for this video was Straight Talk About Sexual Health. The two young hosts, Lisa and Jason, begin with an informative overview of the male and female reproductive systems, then turn to their young viewers with the real-life problems that growing up presents. With a format your students will recognize, this firstStraight Talk video provides valuable insights in the following areas:

    • Healthy relationships
    • Peer pressure and decision-making
    • Hormones and emotions
    • Pregnancy and STDs
    • Values and decision-making
    • Abstinence - the best decision

    Growing up is about more than biology. It's about decision-making and accountability. Straight Talk About Sexual Choices and Consequenceswill help boys and girls to react responsibly to the challenges maturity brings.

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  • Take Care of Skin, Hair and Nails

    Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves. The unpredictable Annie blows

    Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

    The unpredictable Annie blows into Annie's Place straight from her tropical vacation, but as she soon makes clear to the Funsters, there is no vacation from taking care of our skin, hair, and nails. From her seemingly bottomless red travel tote, Annie pulls soap, shampoo, bath brush, nailbrush, sunscreen, combs, brushes, nail clippers, and more, to introduce Funsters — and your students — to essentials of hygiene and good health.

    Annie talks about germs and the importance of cleanliness, with special emphasis on the when, how, and how long of hand washing — a message underscored by the 15-second Handwashing Song. The Funsters learn about protecting their skin from the sun and from miscellaneous bumps, bites, and itches — with a special warning about poison ivy.

    After some wise words from Annie about keeping hair and nails clean and groomed, the Funsters don their new sunhats to wrap up another entertaining day at Annie's Place.

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  • Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

    Annie becomes a one-man band to introduce the Funsters to the world of hearing and demonstrates in her own whimsical style how our ears provide enjoyment, help us learn and communicate, and alert us to events and hazards throughout the day.

    Annie explains some common ear problems, including blockage, infection, and hearing impairment. She helps kids recognize symptoms of these conditions and, with the help of the Funsters, demonstrates what to expect on a visit to the doctor’s office.

    Annie stresses the first principle of ear safety: Don’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow! She also warns against too much loud noise or music, blowing in someone’s ear, or rough play that might damage ears. 

    Annie also talks to Funsters about how children with serious hearing impairment communicate, learn and play.

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  • Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

    Annie turns out the lights and invites the Funsters — and your students — to explore the magic of vision. She draws from her bag of tricks to demonstrate how sight delivers a wealth of information, alerts us to danger, and adds to life’s pleasure.

    Annie shows youngsters how to be on the lookout for signs of eye problems, from temporary conditions like pink eye, to long-term focusing difficulties. Annie explains how a nurse or doctor may diagnose and treat eye problems, and she explains ways to avoid eye injuries.

    Annie shows how eyes are examined and vision tested, and she helps seeing youngsters understand some of the ways children cope with serious loss of sight.

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  • Take Care of Your Teeth

    With Annie Funelli and the Funsters! Grades K-3

    Annie Funelli and the Funsters show students how to have fun, stay healthy and take good care of themselves.

    Annie zips into Annie's Place on her silver scooter — fully protected by her safety gear — including her new mouth guard to protect her beautiful teeth. After all, as she tells the Funsters, teeth are very important — for eating, speaking, and overall appearance and good health.

    Annie begins by explaining the transition from baby to permanent teeth and then explains how Funsters can keep those permanent teeth through a lifetime program of good habits and safe behaviors — careful brushing and flossing, avoidance of sugary snacks, and common sense precautions to protect teeth from accidental injury.

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  • Wash Those Hands

    Hand washing is essential to good health. Grades K-5

    Wash those hands and wash away germs that can cause colds, flu, stomach upsets, and a host of more serious infections. You loved the classic version of WASH THOSE HANDS! so in response, we offer this new updated version which contains the latest information, and compelling reasons to keep on washing those hands! This fresh new DVD, with new photographs, narration and music, may be used effectively with younger students as the prelude to KEEP IT CLEAN! for older students. Students will learn about:

    -The benefits of hand washing for everyone

    -All about germs - What are they? Where are they? How do they make people sick?

    -Getting rid of germs. When is hand washing most important?

    -What is the best way to wash your hands?

    -What to use when soap and water is not available?

    As an introduction to basic personal hygiene, this video is also a useful component of an elementary AIDS education curriculum and a variety of special education programs.

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  • We're Growing Up

    Insights into the challenges of puberty. Grades 4-8

    This reassuring program presents facts about puberty in a context of self-respect and self-confidence. We're Growing Up! is designed for a combined audience of boys and girls. The narrator talks comfortably and matter-of-factly about human growth patterns (starting with a baby's rapid growth in the womb) and moves quickly through to the subject at hand,adolescence. A review of male and female anatomy and sexual development and an emphasis on responsible choices will be starting points for classroom discussion. A lively cast of young teenagers and sensitive artwork round out this production.

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  • We're Just Around The Corner

    Puberty Education. Grades 5-8

    Are your students ready for a little more information on puberty and reproduction? "We're Just Around the Corner" has been updated with new photography, new graphics and fresh live action footage to appeal to your older students. It is grounded in fact, sensitive to adolescent feelings, and reassuring about changes that are on the way. This co-educational program presents information on topics that include:

    -The physical and emotional changes of puberty

    -The maturation of the male and female reproductive systems

    -Conception, pregnancy, and fetal development

    -The importance of reliable information as vital to good decision making

    -The importance of good hygiene and healthy habits

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  • We're Just Talking

    Puberty education redux. Grades 5-8

    Even though human biology has not changed lately, your students will respond to these contemporary new titles. With a fresh look, the Let's Just Talk series presents sound, accurate information about puberty in a framework of self-respect and responsible decision-making. These upbeat titles strongly emphasize the importance of exercise and encourage good nutrition.

    Getting together for homework, two groups of friends listen to the popular radio show "Let's Just Talk" and get an earful about the biology of growing up and some useful advice for coping with adolescence. We're Just Talking presents factual information about boys and girls entering puberty. Topics include male and female physical development, hormones, and the reproductive systems, with an emphasis on physical and emotional health.

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  • Whatsa Hygiene

    Cleanliness is essential to good health. Grades 4-6

    Cleanliness is esssential to good health.

    When members of the band are confronted with a health assignment, they don't know where to begin. "Whatsa hygiene?" asks puzzled Milt, bass guitarist for the group. The band members decide to answer this question with a song, and in the course of this entertaining video they compose words and music that will inspire young viewers to stay clean and healthy.

    Topics explored include bathing, handwashing, care of teeth, hair, and nails, the importance of clean, neat clothing, and the need for young people to begin taking personal responsibility for their own health and well-being.

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